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Reference instrument for precise measurement of Sparkle

Micro-structured scattering anti-glare layers are widely used in combination with visual displays for reduction of unwanted reflections from ambient light sources An optical effect called "sparkle" has recently been attracting quite some interest in the displays community. Visual sparkle becomes obvious as a twinkling of the image displayed on screens with matted scattering anti-glare cover layers (e.g. touch sensitive panels), it becomes especially distinct when the head of the observer is moving with respect to the display. Some computer users even complain about focussing problems and eye-strain caused by such “sparkling”. With increasing resolution of modern display screens e.g. for mobile handheld devices (100 – 300 dpi) the problem seems to become even more severe. On the other hand, reduction of the reflectance of disturbing ambient light sources becomes very important [1], since such devices are often operated under conditions without direct control of the illumination (e.g. outdoors).