Technische Daten
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InstrumentLuminance Meter BM-9
Detector modelBM-920DBM-910DBM-902D
Measuring field0.2°
Optical systemObject lens  f = 36mm  F2.5
Viewing field
Measurement distance350mm ~∞
Display4-digit LCD
Photo cellSillicone Photodiode
Spectral sensitivity characteristicsWithin 8% (deviation from the relative luminous effecieny)  ※ JIS  C 1609-1993
Measurement range0.01 ~ 199,900cd/m²0.1 ~ 1,999,000cd/m²
(10 times of displayed value is luminance value)
1 ~ 19,990,000cd/m²
(100 times of displayed value is luminance value)
Precision4% of rdg ±1 digit
(standard light source A, 23°±3°C, auto range, 1cd/m² or above)
4% of rdg ±1 digit
(standard light source A, 23°±3°C, auto range, 10cd/m² or above)
4% of rdg ±1 digit
(standard light source A, 23°±3°C, auto range, 100cd/m² or above)
Temperature propertiesWithin ± 3% (0 ~ 40°C   23°C as standard)
Humidity propertiesWithin ± 3% (85% R.H or lower, 60% R.H. as standard)
Analog signal output0~3Vmax.    1mv/1 digit    Responce speed at time of analog output 1~30ms at FAST
RS output conditionsBaut rate: 2400BPS       Data length: 7      Parity: 0DD    Stop bit: 1
Power supplyOne 9V battery (6F22)  <Operating time using continuously/ approx. 13 hours when not using RS-232C, 5 hours when using RS-232C>
Operating conditionsTemperature: 0°C~40°C       Humidity: 85% R.H or lower
External dimensions

Approx. 190(L)x105(W)x56.5(H)mm
Display unit: Approx. 131(L)x73,5(W)x33(H)
Detector: Approx. 75.5(L)x105(W)x56.5(H)
WeightDisplay unit: Approx. 200g (including battery) / Detector: Approx. 250g

※Three type of detectors are interchangeable and Main unit BM-9 is shared by three detectors

Measurement area (Diameter φ)

Measurement distance (m)

Differs somewhat accoarding to the finishing precision of the aperature mirror.                          Measurment distance from the tip of the attachment lens metal piece.